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bbPress dev chat summary for Nov 21, 2012


  • To have a chat about bbPress 2.3 goals

bbPress 2.2.2

  • #1964 Markup on user profile page doesn’t work with most themes

bbPress 2.3 Goals

counter, moderation, hierarchical forums

topics and/or Tickets Discussed

  • #1694 Add user counter functions for topics and replies
  • labels (badges) admin
  • Improved Forum Moderation see #459 for starters
  • Hierarchical Forum Layout see #1958
  • #1764 Filter page title prefixes
  • #1792 Add a Who is online widget
  • #1917 tabindex issue on new topic form
  • Forum Statistics Widget & Shortcode based on /extras/page-forum-statisics.php Template
  •  bbP beta tester plugin
  • bbPress Search see #1575

The full chat log is here.